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    Misty mountains
    Misty Mountains_2


    Amber, silver, steel

    L: 60 H: 50 W: 30 mm

    Every piece are handmade.

    Read more about the Mysterious Mountains project

    Mysterious Mountains took part in exihibition: INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF AMBER ART WORKS “ALATYR 2015”

    Theme of the contest –Metaphysics of Light
    UNESCO proclaimed 2015 as theInternational Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. Base for the whole series of cooperative events all over the world is prepared in preliminary programs and events connected to the theme “Light” in various spheres of life –science, education, art, etc. The Kaliningrad Amber Museum responds to this call and enunciates the theme of the Sixth International Biennial of Amber Art Works ALATYR 2015 –“Metaphysics of Light”.
    From the earliest times amber was connected with sunlight by people of different cultures. Present knowledge of origin, optical and chemical properties of the “resin of centuries” quite comport with the concept of amber as a “sunstone”. Luciferous peculiarities of amber define its unique properties largely. “Metaphysics of light” is a historical and cultural term formed in the epoch of the Late Antiquity. It expresses the vision of light as an element of the world, medium between human and space, embodiment of perception and essence of the concept “beautiful”.
    Artists are proposed to create an art work, in which by means of amber the theme “Light” will be carried out. The ideological content is defined by the author, his\her world view, skills in processing of amber and other materials of art.