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POOL_big necklace


18kt gold, sapphire, silver, oxidized silver, rubber

Necklace 3M, 15 mm in diameter

Can be ordered in different sizes. Every piece are handmade.

Read more about the Dalsjøbukkehave#02 project

DALSJØBUKKEHAVE is collaboration between Danish designer Freya Dalsjø and BUKKEHAVE. The inspiration for the collection is Russian avant-garde painting and illustrations from the 1920s. Especially the art of El Lissitzky and his cubistic and geometrical forms that challenges the flatness of a canvas. The same way the DALSJØBUKKEHAVE jewellery are a combination of a circular rubber tube and a lock that is build up in a cubistic way. The odd mix of rubber, metals and sapphires challenges our understanding of luxury. The pieces become fashion ready-mades. The core of the design is contrasting materials and the abstract shapes.